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One-Page Report Formats

Reports are something we often overcomplicate. With the desire of personalising each and every one, we inadvertently add to teacher workload. My argument is that parents are already well aware of how their child has progressed this year because of parents’ evenings, mini reports, informal conversations and however else a school chooses to communicate regularlyContinue reading “One-Page Report Formats”

FREE maths resources to help prepare for SATs

This blogpost is to share the great free maths resources that I use to help children prepare for the SATs that you may not be aware of. Maths4everyone – TES – search ‘maths4everyone TES’ on Google or access here – https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/Maths4Everyone/Mathematics PDF booklets split into each maths topic and by content domain (which appears atContinue reading “FREE maths resources to help prepare for SATs”

Why not plan forwards?

In my previous blog, I suggested that we should plan backwards to enable us to design tasks more effectively. Why not plan forwards? I think this is best summarised by the thinking of Shirley Clarke and Dylan Wiliam. Clarke argues that planning forwards can often lead to a conflation of the learning objective and theContinue reading “Why not plan forwards?”

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